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Only a physician can determine a candidate’s eligibility for weight loss surgery. However, if you have had difficulty losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight, then surgical weight loss may be a just what you need. One of the primary factors in deciding a patient’s eligibility for surgical weight loss is body mass index (BMI). BMI is calculated using your height and weight. You can calculate your BMI here. Generally, patients may be considered candidates for bariatric surgery if they have…

  • BMI of 40 or more OR
  • BMI between 35 and 39.9 with one or more comorbidity (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc.)

Your Surgical Weight Loss Options

Patients in the Jefferson County area have several options when it comes to surgical weight loss, including:

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy: During this restrictive weight loss procedure, Dr. Mithani removes a portion of the stomach, reducing its overall size. This allows patients to feel full and satisfied while eating significantly smaller portions. Learn more.
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery: Like sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass surgery is a restrictive weight loss procedure that involves reducing the size of the stomach. In addition to limiting portions through a smaller stomach size, gastric bypass surgery also involves rerouting the small intestine so that the body absorbs fewer calories from digested food. Learn more.

Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Mithani and her team will provide you with a customized plan in preparation for bariatric surgery. Her comprehensive plan includes strategies for limiting caffeine intake and carbonated beverages; making changes to your diet; smoking cessation; and creating new exercise habits.

Life After Bariatric Surgery

Following surgery, Dr. Mithani and her team will provide you with detailed discharge instructions. Follow-up appointments may include everything from nutritional counseling to psychological assessment. Our team at Mithani MD is committed to your success. Additionally, patients are encouraged to attend the free support groups in the Port Arthur / Beaumont area. A support group is a great opportunity to connect with others who are sharing an experience similar to your own! Ready to learn more?

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For more information about bariatric surgery with Dr. Waheeda Mithani, board-certified and fellowship-trained weight loss surgeon, contact us at (409) 721-5150. You can also request a consultation with Dr. Mithani online. (Serving patients throughout Southeast Texas, including Port Arthur, Beaumont, Jefferson County, Nederland, Groves, Port Neches and Bridge City.)