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Medically Supervised Weight Loss in Southeast Texas

According to a Gallup poll, 53% of American adults say they want to lose weight. Of course, as anyone who’s tried to lose weight knows, saying you want to do it and actually finding success with weight loss are two different things. Significant and sustained weight loss depends on a number of factors all coming together – factors like diet, exercise… and tenacity!

You Need a Coach! Meet Dr. Mithani

If you want to achieve your weight loss goal, you need a coach. Patients in the Beaumont/Port Arthur area turn to Dr. Waheeda Mithani, a board-certified general surgeon with an interest in weight loss medicine, for help. Whether you want to lose weight to feel healthier and look your best… or whether you have regained weight following bariatric surgery… we’re here for you at Mithani MD.

Each medically supervised non-surgical weight loss program is custom-tailored to fit the patient. Many programs include some or all of these components…

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Medications
  • Supplements
  • Metabolic testing

Your Weight Loss Journey Starts Here…

For all patients, the process begins the same way with a full medical evaluation. Many patients experience other health issues related to obesity. Sleep apnea, diabetes, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol… all of these common health issues can be rooted to obesity.

A full medical evaluation may enable you to get the treatment you need for these other health issues – treatment that can make weight loss more effective and more rewarding!

Diet & Exercise

A medically supervised diet isn’t like your typical weight loss diet. Dr. Mithani will use the information from your medical evaluation to create custom meal replacements. Exercise is also a key component of weight loss. Dr. Mithani works with patients throughout Southeast Texas to develop safe and productive exercise plans – no matter where you are right now on your weight loss journey.

Medications & Supplements

There are many FDA-approved medications and supplements that can help with weight loss. Dr. Mithani can integrate these modalities into your overall weight loss plan to safely accelerate weight loss.

Metabolic Testing

Finally, your medically supervised weight loss plan may include metabolic testing. This test reveals information about the rate at which your body uses calories during different types of activities. This can help Dr. Mithani develop a diet and exercise plan tailored to your body’s natural caloric requirements.

Schedule a Physician Supervised Weight Loss Consultation Today

To learn more about developing a custom-tailored weight loss plan that works for you, please call (409) 721-5150. You can also schedule your appointment with Dr. Mithani online. Dr. Mithani serves patients in Port Arthur, Beaumont, and surrounding areas throughout Southeast Texas, including Jefferson County, Nederland, Groves, Port Neches and Bridge City


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